Abrasive tips analysis of abrasive carbide Rotary file tips

The carbide Rotary file is using diamond abrasives, metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and metal plating for the binder made of profile abrasives and grinding tools. Carbide Rotary file Abrasives used processing common abrasives are difficult to machine hard metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials: such as carbide, glass, ceramics, stone, semiconductor materials, with high grinding efficiency, good quality, durability and other features.
Because the carbide Rotary file abrasives with high hardness and excellent grinding performance and features such as more valuable, so its structure and characteristics and common ground is very different. In its technical parameters, including abrasive, grain size, Binder, concentrations of four elements. Each of these tools has its own properties, selection and use of accurate, ensures efficiency and quality.