Abrasives industry break through the bottleneck of development of the industry and growth

1. abrasive physical structure, such as workpiece abrasive number per unit of time increases and the increasing average length growth, make grinding surface grinding, which changed the unit of time worn, enhance efficiency;
2. the superhard abrasive applications, mainly refers to the metal powder, metal oxide or CBN and superhard materials as fillers, made of resin, ceramic or metal bond grinding applications. At present, the superhard abrasive high accuracy, high efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.
3. new Abrasives appeared, such as micro-level of polycrystalline ceramics-ceramic abrasive, fine diamond abrasive-containing shell abrasives, Super fine polishing with polyester film tapes, and so on. These new types of abrasives have characteristics, making it most vividly shown advantages in grinding.