Analysis of alloy industry market trends

So far this year, China's economy in "steady into" the track continues to move forward. Also this year after 2008, the economic situation as serious a year. Complex and volatile international economic environment, increasing domestic economic development difficult. Economic troika, is like a power lacking this year. At this, the profound impact of the financial crisis continue to Flash, the international economic recovery lifted the slowdown. Domestically, consumed whole adhere to the smooth, cool automotive, residential consumption of hot, new consumption hot without Flash. As the economic "workhorse" contribution, it is difficult to stick to rapidly increase the difficulty and can no longer be rendered Government-led "4 trillion" dagankuaishang.
Price reduced the two kneading and rising costs, the company faced tough, many small and medium companies to close shop. Industrial production growth in the last year significantly down on the basis of continued to drop and drop downs and are above the estimated duration. Profit increased weakness, sales profit rate. Market is competitive, the product price down, order lacking. Company makes business difficult present upstream from the dirty industries to the industrial micro-companies, from small to medium and large companies, from East to West some scattered marks. Sharply reduced prices diving, steel, chemicals in the doldrums ... ... Many occupations facing excess capacity, inventory and challenging mission.
The situation in the face of the economic downturn, the micro-economic policy has consistently "active financial policy and prudent monetary policy, further implement and improve the policy measures that have been introduced to increase support of financial policy and monetary policy on the real economy, focus on the expansion of domestic needs.