Carbide insert tungsten steel stripping blade production and processing

Carbide inserts of tungsten carbide stripping blades, custom-made carbide cutters, non-standard production and processing of wire stripper precision blades according to customer's drawings.

The wire stripping machine is a machine that peels off the plastic skin wrapped around the wire and the metal core. Since the wire diameter and material and composition are different, there are different suitable models: short thin wire type, large square type, and wire type. Sheathing line, coaxial line type and other computer wire stripping machine. The wire stripping knife is mainly used for the automatic stripping machine to peel and stratify the outer skin of the mobile phone antenna to meet the requirements of the subsequent production operations, which is a high efficiency embodiment of the cutting operation.

As a tool product, cemented carbide inserts are industrially produced cutting tools, especially in precision mechanized cutting operations. The high-precision tolerance requirements of high-precision carbide inserts are reflected. Carbide inserts are precision-made and manufactured, providing mechanized scale and high-end quality requirements for the production and processing of alloy inserts. The stripping knife is precision-made and produced. The special carbide blade for the stripping machine produced according to the customer's drawing requirements is based on fine-grained hard alloy material. The blade is mounted on the wire stripping machine to the antenna and the connecting line. Layer peeling operation. The development of industrial automation cutting operations requires extensive use and high requirements for cutting tools such as cemented carbide inserts. The blade is a two-piece stripping and cutting operation, which requires the dimensional tolerance accuracy requirements of the two blades to be perfectly consistent to meet the automatic production of the stripping line.