Grinding methods of abrasive

1. suitable for machining steel, black corundum, glass sand, metal casting construction of the floor. Double Happiness here to tell you is usually slightly lower hardness in abrasive corundum. But during the process of grinding, abrasive, anti-crushing function better, suitable for grinding high tensile strength of metal, usually steel for rough grinding and grinding, suitable special carbon steel, typically steel, can also be used for forging iron and grinding of hard bronze.
2. another fundamental types of corundum is usually right. It is slightly higher than the hardness of corundum. In grinding, grinding, the grinding function well, strong cutting force. White corundum suitable for high hardness steel grinding. High carbon steel, high speed steel, hardened steel, also suitable for processing with easy to burn the workpiece, such as tools, alloy steel, thin-walled workpiece in grinding and fine grinding.
3. single crystal aluminum oxide has outstanding multi-angled cutting edge, high hardness, high tolerance values, grinding power, small grinding heat, abrasive cutting long life, machinable hard and tough steel, such as high vanadium high speed steel and stainless steel, is also unique for deformation, easy to burn parts of the grinding process and feed grinding.
4. microcrystalline corundum crystals small, high strength, good self-sharpening property, can be used for grinding depth. During the process of grinding, microcrystalline corundum abrasive micro fracture condition and excellent self-sharpening performance, suitable for heavy duty grinding depth of creep feed grinding.