Milling of carbide tools

Different types of milling cutters are used on the milling machine, with accessory indexing head and rotary table. It can machine plane, bevel, step surface, special shape and various keyways. It can also be used for cutting, boring, milling gears, milling worm gears. Waiting for work.

Milling is widely used in the machining of cemented carbide tool forming surfaces. It is often used to machine the plane, step, cavity, etc. of the module. The machining precision of milling can reach IT10, and the surface roughness radium is 1.6um. If high speed, small amount milling is used. The machining accuracy is up to IT8, and the surface roughness radium is 0.8um. When the requirement is higher, the milling is performed by forming grinding or electric spark after milling.