Mold industry entered the era of standardization to accelerate integration in the international market

Mold experts said, current China mold industry business mode of increasingly highlights, in database construction, and standard developed of premise Xia, enterprise in software platform of based Shang two times development suitable this enterprise of manufacturing management system, with equipment automation, and unit automation of achieved, in solution has fixture optimization, and processing mechanical group automation, and processing pieces of data track, achieved process automation Hou, row produced automation, and Assembly automation will eventually achieved line production mold of enterprise has appeared, Mold manufacturing officially entered the era of standardization.
"Developed mould standardization as 70%-80%, but only 30%. If widely applied mold standard parts, will shorten the design cycle of 25%-40% and reduces user-generated waste of work caused by the mold. "Industry experts believe that mold mold design CAD/CAM technology has become more widely used, promoting the use of mold standard parts, to achieve resource sharing, it would greatly reduce the workload and working hours of mold design for the development of CAD/CAM technology, improving the precision of mold is important. Standardization promotes the development of mould in China, and will continue to die in China industrial enterprises to improve their skills, enhance competitiveness, accelerate the pace of integration into the international market with the necessary technical support.