Present situation analysis of abrasive

China has become the abrasive producer, but not the power. Abrasive, as a special industry, abrasive refining problems in energy-saving emission reduction, currently the corundum excess capacity, with the implementation of the country's energy saving and emission reduction policies, policy focus will be on the next step out of corundum industry backward production capacity.
Champ consulting construction materials industry analysts to keep abrasive industry healthy and orderly development, also needs to address the following questions: 1. business productivity dispersion, small size, low benefits. At present, the abrasive enterprise scale structure is still irrational, low industrial concentration, small businesses still account for a large proportion, 2. new product research and development capability is weak. China abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, products with low technical content, and lack of high technology products, mainly rely on imports. Can only meet the automotive, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotive and marine industrial demand, such as 1/3. 3. excess capacity, homogenization of low-end worse. Alumina production is particularly prominent.