The correct operation of the carbide rotating tool

1. Before operation, please read the speed specification of imported carbide rotating tool to select the appropriate speed range.

2. Choose the appropriate shape, diameter and tooth shape for different processing.

3. Choose a suitable electric grinder and require stable performance.

4, before the use of idling to ensure that the rotation of the concentricity is good, eccentricity and vibration will cause premature wear and damage to the workpiece.

5. The exposed portion of the handle clamped in the collet is at most 10 mm. (Except for the long handle, the speed is different)

6. Check the workpiece and electric grinder clamp correctly and tightly before use.

7. It is not advisable to use too much pressure when using. Too much pressure will reduce the life and efficiency of the tool.

8. Wear suitable safety glasses when using.