Types and applications of tungsten steel round inserts

The slitting machine tungsten steel round blade is mostly used in the high-speed paperboard production line. The high-speed paperboard production line is particularly important for the slitting machine circular cutting section. The application of the slitting blade has greatly improved the quality of the cardboard. The slitting knife is mainly used for the cutting of paper, film, gold, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil, tape, etc. The blade material is mainly made of high speed steel and hard. Two kinds of alloys (tungsten steel).

The tangential slitting is the material cutting from the tangential direction of the upper and lower disc knives. This slitting is convenient for the knives. The upper disc knives and the lower disc knives can be easily adjusted to the position according to the slitting width requirement. Its shortcoming is that the material is easy to drift at the slitting, so the precision is not high, and it is generally not used now.

The non-tangential slitting is that the material and the lower disc cutter have a certain wrap angle, and the lower disc cutter falls to cut the material. This slitting method can make the material less prone to drift and high cutting precision. However, the adjustment of the knife is not very convenient. When the lower disc cutter is installed, the entire shaft must be removed. Round knife slitting is suitable for slitting thick composite membranes and paper sheets.

Round knife extrusion slitting is not very common in the industry. It consists mainly of a pneumatic slitting cutter that is synchronized with the material speed and has a certain angle of the bottom roller and easy adjustment. This slitting method can not only cut thin plastic films, but also cut thick paper, non-woven fabrics, and the like. It is a convenient cutting method and a development direction of the slitting machine.