What should you pay attention to during the use of cemented carbide non-standard tools?

Hard and non-standard knife county mainly uses high-quality alloy steel, high-speed steel, inlaid steel, all steel, tungsten steel, H13, SKD-11, T10 and other materials, using unique heat treatment process and imported mechanical processing equipment, production The various performance indexes of the slitting machine carbide alloy knife county have reached the national industry standard. The metallographic structure of the blank product made of high-quality equipment and unique process is good compactness, accurate blank size, easy processing, and material loss during processing. less. The power of the machine tool should be large enough and the rigidity should be good. In particular, the number of revolutions should meet the requirements of chip breaking matching, and no built-up edge. The feed rate should be mechanical transmission, which makes the cutting process of cemented carbide tools smooth and the chip removal smooth.

1. The quality of the drill bit is the basis of the use of the drill bit.

      Checking the quality, newness, and nozzle mounting reliability of cemented carbide non-standard knife grades before entering the pipeline is critical to the use of the drill bit. Check the drill bit into the previous quality record to distinguish whether the drill bit failure is a quality cause or a cause.

2, the upper drill

      The failure of each drill bit affects the bottom-bottom environment and the use of the next drill bit. Collect the drill bit failure description record, analyze the failure cause of the drill bit, determine the use environment of the drill bit in the well, and judge the influence of the falling object, the caliper and the shape of the bottom hole on the bit failure.

3. Formation lithology

The lithology of the formation is different from that of soft and hard. The mechanism of rock fracture is different, and the form of bit failure is also different. The lithology of the strata commonly found in various oilfields in China is measured by its physical and mechanical properties. According to the lithology of the formation collected at the site and the record of the drilling time per metre, the hardness, plasticity, brittleness, abrasiveness and drillability of the formation rock are analyzed, and the bit selection of the non-standard tool of the cemented carbide is confirmed according to the failure mode of the drill bit. Type and use is reasonable.