Abrasives Industry Wants To Rapid Development Necessary To Achieve Energy Conservation And Emission Reduction

1, adjust the structural transformation of the development pattern, backward, inhibiting excess. Achieving manufacturing country to a manufacturing transition requires a development strategy. Whether industry or enterprise and progress, be sure to plan for strategic development plan, complete the task of structural adjustment to change the development mode, seeking faster and better development. Through an industry-wide effort to train a number of large and strong enterprises, a group of small, little giant enterprise, improving the core competitive capability of the industry.
2, increase the independent innovation and scientific research. Explore production, learning and research, joint research a new way. Can borrow brain development technology and talent, to be active in the development of high-end products, abrasive focuses on developing to the processed products. Meet the fast-growing solar industry and high-level refractory ceramics as well as market demand.
3, promoting green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is guaranteed product features, quality and cost of context, considering environmental impact and resources efficiency of modern manufacturing mode. It is the 21st century development trends of mechanical building, is to achieve efficient cycling of resources, energy and minimize environmental impact and build a resource-conserving, environment-friendly way.