Advantages Of Resin Grinding Wheel In Metal Cutting

1, cutting speed, cutting metal materials, cutting speed the cutting wheels are other cutting methods (such as sawing, turning).
2, high cutting precision. Abrasive cutting. Cutting cutting width and flatness. In General is better than metal sawing.
3, cutting a smooth surface, sand physics after cutting its surface finishing is not required. Saw blades cut clearly.
4, can be used for cutting hard materials, such as hardened steel and metal carbides and the cutting of hard and brittle nonmetallic materials.
5, abrasive during use, self-sharpening, and does not need trimming.
6, low cost, using abrasive cutting costs significantly less than other cutting methods.
7, a total of it applications, such as small incision, or hardened steel or hard metal machining cutting and so on.