Alloy Head Distinguishing Feature Self-sharpening

In the alloy head when abrasive when blunt, abrasive itself because some breaking or bond craze, partly or completely dropped on the abrasive from the abrasive and abrasive on the surface of alloy head job constantly presents new cutting edge, or continue to reveal new sharp grits, alloy grinding head must be able to insist on cutting performance. Alloy heads the self-sharpening, is an outstanding characteristic of abrasive tool more often.
Alloy heads according to their material origin, natural alloy heads two types of abrasives and artificial abrasives. Common natural abrasive in machinery industry as long as stone. Artificial abrasive according to the shape and the layout is different, grinding wheel, grinding, stone, Sandy Watts or more collectively, the five categories of coated abrasives and abrasive.