Application Of Resin Grinding Wheel

(1) with resin grinding wheel grinder or universal grinder for shafts, bushings and other types of part cylindrical, conical and the shoulder end surface grinding.
(2) with resin wheel outside circle surface or wheel of end surface, as bolt tight solid wheel, and atmosphere hole wheel, and open slot wheel, and more hole wheel and more hole with Groove wheel, and more with cup shaped wheel, and tube shaped wheel of end surface,, on mechanical parts of various straight for meet straight degrees, and surface rough degrees and plane Zhijian mutual location precision, requirements and for plane grinding processing.
(3) the cylindrical surface of the grinding wheel with resin or resin cement, or on a dedicated grinder for grinding machines, universal grinder, through holes and blind holes with high surface quality requirements, stair hole, taper hole with bearing inner Raceway of internal grinding processing parts.
(4) wheel with resin grinding wheels, resin and rubber, Centerless grinders, using flexible positioning mode, use the outer circumference of the wheel, internal cylindrical or rotationally symmetric for centreless grinding of cylindrical surface processing.