Carbide Burr Improve The Strength Of Aluminum Extrusion Die

Carbide Burr and shock marks are important defects in the production of aluminum extrusion profiles. Carbide Burrs are generally not intuitive, if not carefully observed or hand touch more difficult to find; shock marks are often appear in the particles are relatively concentrated aluminum surface. Their hazards are mainly in the process of oxidation electrophoresis, spraying aluminum, it is difficult to remove it, seriously affect the appearance of aluminum profiles, resulting in aluminum scrap. General manufacturers of surface treatment for the powder (paint) all the sandblasting by the sandblasting, and then powder (paint), the effect is better; but the oxidized smoothie electrophoretic material is very difficult to deal with, to the aluminum extrusion process Great distress.

The technical term for Carbide Burrs and shock marks is called "adsorbed particles". "Carbide Burr" is generally irregularly distributed in the aluminum surface, in the extrusion process formed before and after the work of aluminum, aluminum extrusion production in the continuous "Carbide Burr" was profile out; "Carbide Burr" with wind or Wipe, most can be removed. And "shock marks", due to the mold empty bit of the sticky aluminum, in the profile vibration or mold instantly rebound when the moment was pulled out, these particles almost in the same section or deep or shallow inlaid on the profile, so with the wipe Method is difficult to eliminate!

"Carbide Burr" its impact on the traditional traditional color number is not, but now the new color number is constantly introduced, especially high-gloss surface treatment profiles more and more, the surface requirements are getting higher and higher, whether it is electrophoretic profiles, spray profiles, or fluorocarbon Spraying profiles. "Carbide Burr" hand touch can feel the slide on the profile surface. But some are due to static electricity is still adsorbed on the profile surface, after aging treatment, these "Carbide Burr" more closely adhere to the profile surface.

The "shock" in the profile surface pretreatment process, because "Carbide Burr" in the profile, the formation of rough surface, and even the feeling of thorns. Only rarely can be removed, the formation of pits. Can not get rid of the formation of bumps, due to "Carbide Burr" intensive, and almost in the same section. If the surface treatment is oxidized, it is usually judged as waste. Such as the surface treatment for the spray (powder), can be polished by sandpaper repair method.

In addition, "Carbide Burr" and "shock marks" are produced with the extrusion die mold design is reasonable, the choice of extrusion parameters are appropriate, cast rod defects, are likely to form a clay in the cavity conditions, and ultimately the formation of "Carbide Burr" and " Shock "phenomenon.

Aluminum extrusion material Carbide Burr and shock measures:

1, aluminum extrusion to select the appropriate number of holes and models. According to the profile of the circumcircle circle diameter, wall thickness, single weight, the size of the extrusion ratio, the existing models to select the best mold specifications, reduce the formation of aluminum and reduce the formation of "Carbide Burr" or "shock" probability;

2, to improve the strength of aluminum extrusion die. In actual production, the greater the amount of elastic deformation of the mold, the formation of "Carbide Burr" or "shock" the greater the possibility. Such as porous mold, shunt hole and more dense, the corresponding reduction in the strength of the mold; and such as long cantilever mold. In the design of mold, as far as possible to improve the mold stiffness, strength, in order to achieve the mold in the production of elastic deformation, select the best parameter value in determining the length of the work belt, neck, welding room form, Diversion hole size, etc., should be considered.

In addition the thickness of the front pad, and its hole in the form of the mold must be effective support is also important in the actual production to prove: the front pad to do one type is better than do two-piece! To achieve the purpose of reducing the elastic deformation of the mold, to reduce the "Carbide Carbide Burr" "shock" effect is quite obvious!