Carbide Cutting Tool Branding, Internationalization

Carbide Cutting Tool industry in the "second five" during the development of a diversified trend. Mold products will be large, sophisticated, complex and set precision machining technology, intelligent control, computer technology and green manufacturing as one of the new technology-specific process equipment development; mold enterprises will be integrated into the technology, manufacturing digital, management Information technology, processing speed, equipment and automation of the direction of development; business management to take the brand, the international road; industry is to adhere to information technology, green manufacturing and sustainable development.

In recent years, with the development of mold manufacturing, mold parts and materials to improve their own requirements, super-hard tool materials such as CBN cubic boron nitride, PCD polycrystalline diamond tools and new carbide cutting tools are widely used, tool consumption and The purchase of mold manufacturers and tool manufacturers to become a common concern topic. According to statistics, in the domestic mold users choose the tool material, the most used is carbide cutting tools, accounting for 64.1%. The development of superhard tools,Carbide Cutting Tool hard turning as a better alternative to the grinding of the economy in a more popular way. The use of super-hard tool has been significantly improved, such as the cylinder cylinder hole processing in the semi-fine boring and fine boring process in a lot of cubic boron nitride blade, cutting speed reached a new height, tool life is also greatly extended.

Indexable tool in China has been promoting for many years, progressing smoothly, but the development is not balanced, the user coverage is still lower than the overall tool and welding tool. However, China's geostable tool technology in the promotion process has been a new progress, the rapid increase in varieties, the application of great potential. The modern mold manufacturing machinery and the rapid development of the tool technology used by its high-tech is widely used in the processing technology, cutting methods, tool structure,Carbide Cutting Tool tool materials, tool coating and other aspects have been used in the past, a large mechanical processing The difference. The new tool construction and blades with new cutting edges and geometries are continually researched and developed to accommodate tooling and tooling connections for CNC machine tools and high speed machining, such as HSK shanks, hot shanks, hydraulic Knife handle, and other new tool holders are widely used.

In order to improve the production efficiency and reduce the tool change time, in the mold parts processing more and more use of a variety of composite tools, such as drilling and boring composite, drilling and honing compound, drilling and threading composite composite cutting tools,Carbide Cutting Tool Complex expansion of the tool to meet a lot of special processing requirements, some tools have even developed into machine, electricity, liquid integrated device, has gone far beyond the traditional concept of the tool.

In order to achieve mold lean production, the mold enterprise scientific organization of the tool procurement and inventory management, need to study and explore how to ensure the normal operation of the production line in the case of lower tool inventory occupied by the tool,Carbide Cutting Tool optimize the tool minimum inventory settings, tool procurement starting point , The reasonable purchase frequency of the tool and the purchase batch, the establishment of effective tool early warning mechanism, emergency mechanism and rapid response mechanism, a scientific and effective way to track, monitor the tool inventory status and procurement status.