Carbide Cutting Tool High Hardness, Sharpness, Wear Resistance

Carbide Cutting Tool used to make a lot of structural parts, such as rotating seal ring, compressor piston, lathe chuck, grinding machine mandrel, bearing journal and so on.

Made of hard alloy wear parts are nozzles, rails, plungers, balls, tire anti-skid nail, snow snow board, etc. cited numerous.

Carbide Cutting Tool can be used as a variety of cutting tools. China's cutting tools, Carbide Cutting Tool dosage accounts for about one-third of the total Carbide Cutting Tool production, which used for welding tools accounted for about 78%, for the indexable tool accounted for about 22%. The CNC tool with Carbide Cutting Tool can only be translocated with about 20% of Carbide Cutting Tool Carbide Cutting Tool, in addition to the overall Carbide Cutting Tool drill, the overall Carbide Cutting Tool small blade saw blade, Carbide Cutting Tool cutting tools such as micro-diamond.

The Carbide Cutting Tool used for all types of molds accounts for about 8% of the total Carbide Cutting Tool production, with drawing die, cold heading die, cold extrusion die, hot extrusion die, hot forging die, forming die and drawing die Rods, such as long mandrel, spherical core rods, floating Rui rods, etc., nearly ten years rolling wire with various types of Carbide Cutting Tool roll rapid growth in the amount of China's Carbide Cutting Tool Carbide Cutting Tool Carbide Cutting Tool Carbide Cutting Tool production accounted for the total Of 3%.

First, the basic knowledge:

1) Note that the size of the fixture to prevent the collision machine, safe distance must be maintained between 15MM to 20MM. In principle all the knives are designed to rotate clockwise.

2) Wash and service the machine once every two weeks

3) in accordance with the "CNC program management and use of" to establish procedures and procedures

4) The use of normal, suitable size of the jacket is very important, those old, cross section, not round, serious wear and the hole with a taper jacket, can not provide enough clamping force, which led to fly off, vibration Or twist the handle. When the tool is loaded into the jacket, make sure that the surface of the tool and the inner wall of the collet are clean and free of foreign objects. The jacket is suitable and does not scratch the inner wall of the collet. If the inner wall has been scratched, it should be reported in time.

5) The new jacket is not necessarily safe and reliable. When the handle was clamped and found that the handle contact marks are not uniform or groove, indicating a slip and jacket hole deformation, then need to immediately replace the jacket.

6) The tool can cut the smooth surface of hardwood, cork, synthetic board and other wood and plexiglass, artificial stone and other materials. But to avoid cutting iron-containing metal and non-wood materials, such as: steel, iron, less, stone and so on.

7) To achieve the purpose you require, be sure to use a short edge of the tool, the edge is too long or too long, will cause vibration and bias, resulting in damage to the tool.

8) Use appropriate eye protection when handling.

9) body, clothes, hair and debris can not be close to the work of the object.

Carbide Cutting Tool is a high hardness of refractory metal Carbide Cutting Tool and a specific binder sintered powder metallurgy products. Its heat resistance is good, capable of up to 800 ~ 1000 ℃ cutting temperature. At the same time because of the high hardness of Carbide Cutting Tool cutting tools, sharpness, wear resistance, durability than high-speed steel tool, its shape is more high-speed steel can not be compared, and the other. Carbide Cutting Tool tool long life, good processing quality, high precision, so in the furniture and wood, building materials processing industry has been widely used Carbide Cutting Tool cutting tools for wood processing, cutting all kinds of wood, plywood, particleboard, high school MDF, man-made Marble, steel, aluminum and other different materials, which can not only rough can also be processed, not only can be used for processing all kinds of plate, but also can be used for processing all kinds of materials, veneer sheet.

Carbide Cutting Tool is a very good material, because it is very good material will be widely used, so the Carbide Cutting Tool is very famous, but when the production of Carbide Cutting Tool is very difficult, in fact, the most important issue is The tool in the grinding process will appear cracks in the phenomenon, which is a great technical problems, but although difficult, it is not can not be overcome, as long as I introduced the following points to note, I believe that is to overcome the tool grinding crack Of the phenomenon, first of all we do not open the wind pressure is too large, generally 4-6 kg wind pressure appropriate. But the diamond grinding wheel is expensive, easy to repair after wear and tear, so many factories still use ordinary grinding wheel grinding. Carbide Cutting Tool is hard and brittle material, grinding wheel vibration due to the impact of the tool by the impact load, prone to vibration; the same time, the grinding zone of the instantaneous temperature and cooling so that thermal stress may exceed the strength limit of Carbide Cutting Tool recovery and heat crack. The general principle of the use of different rocks is that the alloy is not broken under the conditions of the higher hardness of the alloy the better. But the diamond grinding wheel is expensive, easy to repair after wear and tear, so many factories still use ordinary grinding wheel grinding. Drilling process, we should pay attention to the rock gap, the huge impact caused by erosion of the alloy and stuck drill pipe. Drilling high hardness rock when the use of high cobalt grade alloy, impact resistance, the alloy is not easy to debris, out of pieces. Through the above treatment of the grinding wheel inside the open field covered with molybdenum disulfide, the abrasive can play a role in lubrication, so that the wheel chip is good, not easy to plug.