Carbide Cutting Tool Industry Prospects Are Good Market Needs

Carbide Cutting Tool is the "dental" of the machine tool industry. A machine with a dozen or even more kinds of tools. Now the market is the main products are popular from the import, China's production of cemented carbide head less, and whether it is production or quality, are unable to match with the import market. Carbide industry is a high-tech industry, China's carbide research only ten years, the industrial base is weak, scientific and technical personnel and R & D infrastructure is poor.

China is the largest exporter of alloy grinding countries. Carbide head production process, the need to use a lot of rare earth raw materials, but the current level of China's technology is far less than foreign advanced technology. Can only be exported to foreign countries, and then made of foreign carbide to buy back. If China can not independently research and development and manufacturing, then we will be the alloy industry forever "hijacked."

China has entered the stage of upgrading the manufacturing sector, the national "second Five-Year" plan will be high-end equipment manufacturing and information industry included in the pillar industry of the national economy, which will greatly promote the carbide blade, tool market demand, Industry prospects are good.

"Twelve Five" plan in product demand, capacity expansion and industrial base construction, etc., are clearly support the development of cemented carbide, carbide industry prospects, "second five" during the species and production will have Larger upgrade, will effectively drive the demand for carbide growth.

   Carbide Rotary File Features: Carbide Cutting Tool, no dust pollution, the service life is equivalent to hundreds of small handle with a small grinding wheel, processing efficiency increased by more than 5 times, grinding hardness HRC70 the following metal and non-metallic materials , Grinding surface roughness up to Ral.6, easy to master, easy to use, safe and reliable, greatly reduce the heavy manual labor, can reduce the cost of processing and production.

    Uses: Widely used in mold manufacturing, fitter, mechanical parts of the chamfering, round and groove processing, cleaning cast, forging, welding parts of the flash, burrs and welds, pipes, Metal and non-metallic materials (bone, jade, stone) craft art carving.