Grinding Head Keep The Abrasive Abrasive Industry Healthy And Orderly Development

Abrasives are abrasives and abrasives, including abrasive products and abrasive products. Abrasives are known for their industrial teeth. It covers the range from aerospace to health care and almost all areas, so far can not be replaced. China abrasive abrasive market after nearly a decade of development, the market structure has been basically formed. China has become a major producer of abrasive abrasive, but not a strong country. Abrasive abrasive as a more special industry, there is the issue of energy-saving emission reduction abrasive smelting, the current domestic corundum there is overcapacity phenomenon, with the implementation of national energy-saving emission reduction policies, the next step will focus on the elimination of corundum industry Backward production capacity.

Industry analysts believe that to maintain a healthy and orderly development of abrasive abrasive industry, but also need to address the following aspects: the production capacity of scattered, small scale, low efficiency, the current size of China's abrasive abrasive business is still not reasonable, Low concentration of industrial products, small enterprises still account for a large proportion of new products R & D capability is weak, the domestic abrasive abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the low-end market, low-tech products, and lack of high-end technology products, mainly dependent on imports, Automotive, aerospace, bearings, locomotives and ships and other industries demand about 1/3; overcapacity, low-grade products, homogenization of serious, cordue production which is particularly prominent.

In our mechanical hardware, molds, and related holes, groove processing, the role of small grinding head can not do not care, in the actual grinding according to the material of the product depends on what kind of abrasive grinding head, generally in Ordinary product grinding with corundum, silicon carbide, diamond, boron nitride abrasive mainly made. There are also a variety of shapes, such as: oval, truncated cone, 60 degrees cone, elliptical cone, round cone, hemisphere, spherical and so on.

These abrasives are made of small abrasives for grinding: ordinary iron products, steel products and other non-ferrous gold products, non-metallic products, as well as some super-hard products of the hole and groove grinding. In the practical application of the product, the shape of small grinding head in the case of the standard is made according to the standard system, this standard is our ministerial standards. In the use of special products, with the standard can not be grinding how to do it? At this time, should be based on real size to leave a margin, contact with us to build the required shape or size. That is, non-standard small grinding head, because the shape and size of this grinding head is based on the customer's temporary needs, so its size is different, can not be universal, therefore, for this special situation, then To the need to open another mold to meet customer requirements.