Grinding Head With High Grinding Performance, Simple Manufacturing And Low Cost

Grinding head is a small handle grinding tool with a general term, used in electric mill, hanging mill, hand drill and so on. There are many types, such as ceramic grinding head, rubber grinding head, diamond grinding head, emery cloth grinding head, alloy grinding head and so on. Different types, their use is not the same.

(A) ceramic grinding head:

Granular sand (usually corundum, white steel jade, chrome corundum, silicon carbide) made of ceramic binder sintering, the central supplemented by metal handle. Mainly grinding all kinds of metal, for the diameter of the inner wall of the grinding, mold correction.

(B) rubber grinding head

The finer granular sand is combined with a rubber binder for the polishing of the mold.

(C) emery cloth grinding head

Multi-piece rectangular sand cloth, bonding around the metal handle. Granularity is generally in the 60 # -320 #, for the diameter of the inner wall of the polishing.

(4) diamond grinding head

A grinding tool for a non-metallic material such as a stone material and a porcelain material, and more particularly to a grinding tool using a diamond alloy as a grinding body comprising a substrate and a plurality of grinding bodies, wherein a plurality of grinding bodies are fixed in Wherein the substrate is preferably made of an adhesive material having a certain toughness, and the grinding body is preferably made of a diamond alloy material, and the utility model has the following advantages: (1) High grinding performance, simple manufacturing and low cost, high grinding quality and can be applied to the characteristics of large-scale grinding.

First, super-hard grinding wheel and grinding head

super-hard grinding wheel and grinding head is dedicated to the small plane, small inside and outside the round surface, the shape of the complex and other grinding wheel can not work grinding tools. Can also be used for grinding mold wall and cleaning burrs, flash, etc., suitable for grinding hard and brittle materials.

Second, artificial diamond grinding head

Synthetic diamond grinding head is the artificial diamond abrasive, the use of electroplating process, so that it is attached to the formation of metal matrix in the formation of grinding head for cemented carbide and high carbon steel parts of the hole and complex cavity Surface processing, but also for dental and jade carving tools.

In the specific design of the belt grinding machine, grinding process plan, grinding head structure, parameter selection, design and structural design of key functional components are the key to the success of the whole design. When the speed, diameter and diameter of the contact wheel, drive wheel and tension wheel are determined with the basic parameters, the train structure design can be further detailed in accordance with the general machine design principles, including the drive wheel power transmission mode, shaft Structural design.

In addition to freestyle grinding, the belt is usually required to rely on a certain object to the workpiece grinding, these objects are contact wheel, platen or contact with the tape, which contact the most widely used, , Contact with less.