Tool Grinding Right Wheel

Brown corundum: corundum's hardness, toughness, suitable for grinding high tensile strength metal such as carbon steels, alloy steels, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, the abrasive grinding properties, wide adaptability, often used for cutting a larger residual coarse grinding, cheap, widely available.
White corundum grinding wheel: WA is slightly higher than the hardness of corundum, toughness is lower than that of Brown fused alumina, grinding, abrasive fragile, therefore, small grinding heat, suitable for manufacturing grinding of hardened steel, high carbon steel, high speed steel, and grinding wheels for grinding of thin-walled parts, higher cost than corundum.
Black silicon carbide grinding wheel: black silicon carbide crisp and sharp, and hardness is higher than that of white corundum, suitable for grinding lower mechanical strength of materials, such as cast iron, brass, aluminium and refractory materials, etc.
Green silicon carbide grinding wheels: green silicon carbide high hardness brittle than black silicon carbide, abrasive sharp, good thermal conductivity, is suitable for the grinding of hard and brittle materials such as carbide, glass, ceramics.